Fighting Stage Set For Electronic Cigarettes

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With the way lawmakers are now acting towards electronic cigarettes, it’s as if they are game organizers who have set the fighting stage for ecigarettes. The FDA’s regulations on ecigarettes are not yet finalized so the rapid growth of the vaping industry still remains unbridled. Thus, state legislators take it as their responsibility to come up with law against vaping that they believe will protect their constituents.

States Against Electronic Cigarettes

States have already started setting the stage where ecigs and ecig users ought to fight seriously. Like a game where contenders try their best to win, vapers and campaigners are now poised for a fight of their lives. If they will not engage in battle, the right to vape and the right to be freed from the detriments of smoking will not be completely possible.

In California

It has been recently declared by the Health Department of CA that ecigs are public health threats. It issued a 21-page report that warns young people that youngsters might become nicotine addict because of vaping so lawmakers need to act to avoid this possibility.

From Oregon to Virginia

In the 21 states stretching in between these states, there are now at least 60 bills whose provisions involve restrictions on the fast growing industry. This shows a major increase from last year when there were only 11 bills that are related to ecigs and being considered throughout 10 states, said Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association ecig advocacy group.

Oregon bills include ecigarette legislation that ban flavors as well as online sales. In Indiana, a bill is considered that will require expensive permits for retailers selling their liquid nicotine. In California again, a bill is underway to ban the devices in public places.

Governors of states are also now showing signs they want to contend with ecigarettes. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo included in his budget a provision to ban the flavors, to restrict advertising and to prohibit indoor ecig use.

The FDA issued in April its preliminary rules that will restrict ecig sales to minors and will require manufacturers of ecigarettes to submit their products to lengthy and expensive approval process. According to FDA, it is expecting rules to be finalized by June.

Ecigarette sales reached $2.5 billion in retail sales, which are expected to reach more than $3.5 billion this 2015, based on the Wells Fargo Securities data. Bank analysts also predicted that $1.5 million of sales this year will be contributed by cigalikes while $2 billion will come from liquid nicotine as well as customizable and high-powered vaporizers.

Some legislators are alarmed by some studies whose results indicate that teenagers are using the devices as traditional cigarette alternative. CDC data showed that more than quarter a million of youths who have never smoked cigarettes experimented with ecigs in 2013.

Some officials of states are feeling frustrated that FDA has not yet addressed the issue. Rep. Kevin Mahan from Indiana introduced a bill that will require liquid nicotine retailers to first obtain licenses. In a statement, FDA said that it needs sufficient time in completely reviewing and analyzing issues that surround ecigarettes.

Laws on ecigs started to be introduced to Legislature in 2010. Now, over 40 states have imposed ecig sale to minors ban while more than 100 US cities ban indoor vaping. The proposals this year, apparently, are more inappropriately restrictive like ban on flavors, restriction on licenses and higher tax rates.

Ecig advocates support some legislation introduced in the past like prohibition of sales to minors, but majority of them believe that the latest measures will only discourage the switch to vaping and thus jeopardize or deprive the public of possible vaping benefits.

Electronic Cigarettes, Found To Reduce Cigarette Cravings

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The latest study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that electronic cigarettes successfully decreased smokers’ tobacco cigarette cravings. Scientists at the KU Leuven reported that this successful reduction on cigarette cravings also only involved minimal adverse effects.

Developed as less harmful cigarette alternatives, ecigarettes were known to contain 100-1,000 times less of the toxic substances normally found in tobacco smoke. They are preferred by more and more people as cigarette alternatives and possible cessation tools because they simulate the tobacco smoking experience.

Effect of Ecigs after 8 Months

There were 48 participants involved in this study who used electronic cigarettes. Researchers analyzed the effects of vaping they experienced after 8 months of use. All 48 participants were smokers without any intention of quitting the habit.

Researchers aimed to examine if ecigs could diminish a smoker’s desire to smoke real cigarettes in short term. They also hoped to determine if ecigs can help people to stop smoking in the long terms.

There were three groups to which participants were assigned. Two were ecigarette groups that were allowed to vape and to smoke real cigarettes in the first two months. The third group served as the control group, which was given only access to tobacco.

The second phase of the study involved giving the control group ecigarettes to use and they participants were monitored after six months using a web tool to which they had to regularly record their smoking and vaping habits.

In laboratory testing, ecigs were proven to effectively suppress cravings for tobacco cigarettes while the amount of exhaled carbon monoxide stayed at the baseline levels. Long term analysis revealed that smokers were more likely to sap their tobacco cigarettes for ecigarettes and taper down their cigarette consumption.

When the 8-month period concluded, 21% of participants had entirely stopped smoking and this was verified through carbon monoxide test. There were 23% of participants who reported that their daily cigarette consumption had decreased by 50%. Through all the three groups, researchers have found that participants had 60% reduction in their daily smoke consumption.

Professor Frank Baeyens and postdoctoral researcher Dinska Van Gucht are both from the Psychology of Learning and Experimental Psychopathology Unit. They concluded that all groups had shown similar results after the introduction of ecigarettes.

With guidance on how to properly use the devices, many smokers were offered by nicotine ecigs with successful alternative on smoking fewer cigarettes or even for quitting smoking. Vapers get the cigarette smoking experience and nicotine vapor inhalation, but they do not suffer from the damaging effects from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Baeyens said that by comparison, of smokers who quit through willpower alone, only 3-5% remained smoke-free after 6-12 months of cessation. In Belgium, ecigs are currently prohibited while all neighboring countries permit the sale of ecigs with nicotine. With this new study’s results, researchers are urging regulators for new legal framework on nicotine vaping in the country.

Additional Appeal of Ecigs

Ecigs are definitely useful tools that smokers could use in smoke cessation. Apart from helping them get away from tobacco smoking, ecigs also offer other attractive incentives such as financial savings.

In another study where researchers looked at socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers, it was found that offering small incentives could double the rate of smoking cessation. This study was performed by researchers from University of Texas Health Center in Houston and was published in American Journal of Public Health.

Speaking of financial incentives, switching to ecigarettes is generally more cost-efficient that sticking to cigarette smoking. One ecig cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes at a fraction of cigarette’s cost.

Statistics show that smoking rates remain stubbornly high among those socioeconomically challenged people. Officials reason out that this is because these people are difficult to be reached by tobacco control measures. However, if the officials will allow them to use ecigs, there is high probability they will give up smoking or even reduce their cigarette consumption.

Evidence Distortion to Prove Nicotine and Cocaine Link

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Published in the New England Journal of Medicine is a study whose results show the biological link between addictions to nicotine and cocaine. According to Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, the medical journal has displayed an unprecedented distortion of evidence to wrongly prove nicotine and cocaine link. The research was conducted by a group of experts even including Eric R. Kandel, who is a Nobel Prize winner.

Rodent Vs Human

The study involved analysis of specially developed mouse model and researchers have found that the mice became additionally addicted to cocaine after they were administered with nicotine for a few days. According to researchers, they have detected some changes in the brain of the rodents that can justify the increased addictiveness of cocaine that was induced by the addiction to nicotine. It is on these findings that researcher have come up with a conclusion that ecigarettes are gateway to illicit drugs.

It is quite interesting and upsetting that researchers particularly pinpointed ecigarettes as the possible gateway to use of illegal drugs due to their nicotine content and delivery. Nevertheless, there are other nicotine-containing products such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products that public health advocates insist that smokers should use when attempting at smoke cessation.

If nicotine can indeed pave the way for a person’s possible dependence on illicit drugs, ecigarettes should not be singled out. Furthermore, Dr. Farsalinos argues that the claim of the researcher is contradictory to science and to common sense.

If nicotine is a gateway to drugs, then people taking nicotine are more prone to try and to be addicted to the drugs. It is obvious that not all observations from laboratory rodent studies are pertinent to humans. Even if they do, the study results are not yet adequate in coming up with the conclusion that ecigs are gateway to illegal drugs. Ecigs will not force a vaper to try cocaine.

In fact, majority of smokers have not tried using cocaine. It is very possible that some cocaine users are also smokers. These are the people who are liable to recreational drug and substance abuse. They begin with legal, cheap and easily accessible cigarettes and later move on to the illicit substances. Far5salinos explained that this is behavioral issue and not genetics or brain chemistry.

The study authors have actually explained that a gateway hypothesis alternative has been suggested based on the notion that using various drugs reflect a general liability for drug use and the addiction to drugs; instead of the use of a certain drug will increase the dangers of moving forward to use of another substance.

If The Mouse Model Is Applicable to Humans

Suppose the mouse model used by the researchers perfectly applies to humans, this study provides information: If a person uses nicotine and he/she tries cocaine; he/she will be more addicted to cocaine.

At any rate, the authors failed to prove the gateway effect since the theory needs a real person using ecigs to volunteer to use cocaine. It was not proven by the authors that using nicotine will indeed force anyone to try any drug like cocaine.

The researchers should have instead concluded that if a person is using nicotine, he/she is not advised to try cocaine or other drugs due to the likelihood of dependence on that substance. The researchers displayed a quite bold and brazen stance against electronic cigarettes because they singled out the devices even if the study shows not a hint of relevance to ecigs and to any adverse effects from using ecigs. The authors did not evaluate ecig use in the experiments and did not administer nicotine via inhalation.

Dr. Farsalinos ended his post by saying that it is unfortunate that prestigious scientists and journals are engaging in the political game by choosing to distort and to misrepresent science. It is apparent that there really is an effort to create confusion and public opinion manipulation to influence the regulators to make inappropriate decisions. Scientists have the responsibility to restore truth and resist manipulative efforts.

The Opposition With Regards To V2 E-Cigs And Blu E Cigs

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Recognizing If Blu E Cigs Is Superior To V2 Ecigarettes People who are new to electric cigarettes should try out utilizing mini e-cigs to start with. The characteristics that are supplied in these mini electronic products get them to look and feel just like real cigarettes. There’s two popular brands in e-cigarettes today namely Blu Cigs as well as V2 Ecigs. Let us take a close look at each one of their capabilities to determine which one is better.

Power Supply

Clients will find that Blu Electric Cigarettes only gives automatic batteries whilst V2 Electric Cigarettes provides both manual and automatic. Automatic electronic cigarettes allows people use them right away. An individual must first push a small button from a manual electric battery in order for it to operate. It may not be a fluid motion but pressing the button actually offers you a more consistent water vapor on each draw.

A few types of Blu Electronic Cigarettes battery packs are available these days which is the Premium 100, Premium and Original. For every of the Original and Premium battery packs, folks will make up to 100 puffs. Although the Premium 100 batteries last longer, the ones from V2 Electric Cigarettes are still better compared to them.

The light cigarette smokers are able to drain battery power from Blu Electric Cigs in four hours, yet the weighty smokers can finish them in two. There had been users from Blu Ecigs in the past who complained of short battery life and waiting one full hour only for their batteries to replenish.

The electric batteries from V2 Electronic Cigs come in several types which are the short, standard and also long. V2 E-Cigs electric batteries are known to take around 5 hours before running dry for hefty smoking while occasional smoking can last up to a few days. There are a few users who have gone through 2-3 cartridges before running dry on their electric batteries. The battery packs from V2 will take 1-2 hours to charge fully.

E Juice

The capsules from Blu Electronic Cigarettes are loaded with e-liquid created by Johnson Creek. Men and women can choose from a variety of flavors for their fluid. Folks can also choose various strength amounts from Blu Ecigarettes.

The nicotine volume from a pack of cigarettes can be obtained from the Original and Premium cartridges while the Premium 100 is equals that of 1 and a half pack.

Equal to 20-30 cigarette sticks, V2 E-Cigarettes cartomizers last around 150-200 puffs.

V2 Electronic Cigs sells its own e-liquid so you can save a lot of money by filling up your V2 capsules.

V2 Electronic Cigs takes pleasure in providing safe products to their customers and that’s why they test each batch of e-liquid they have and post the outcomes on the internet. The formulation of their product can also be downloaded completely from their site.

Starter Packages and also Disposables

Both V2 Electric Cigarettes and Blu Electric Cigs provides customers with disposable items. The throw away e-cigarette from Blu E-Cigarettes is good for 400 puffs though that of V2 Electronic Cigs may last up to 450.

Kits that are capable of giving the basic necessities to begin vaping is ideal for people that would wish to do the switch right away.

The six forms of starter kits provided by V2 Electric Cigarettes are made so that you can match different budgets and styles of men and women.

Just one starter kit is supplied by Blu E-Cigs for each of the battery models they’ve got.

The revolutionary mobile charger from Blu Electronic Cigarettes is provided in each of the starter kits they supply. The Blu Pack is just like that of a flip top box which fits as a storage unit and an on the go battery charger for the product.

The beginner kits from both these brands will have a 30 day money back guarantee incorporated. An eternity warranty is included in all components from V2 E-Cigs while Blu Electric Cigs items are covered for 12 months.


The expense of maintaining a pack-a-day behavior on V2 Electronic Cigs can be as little as $1.49 whereas vapers pay $1.92 for Blu Electric Cigarettes. Although this may not seem like an impact, those that will probably be refilling their cartridges continually will saveconsiderably more with V2 Electric Cigarettes.

At a price of $29.95, people could get a 50ml bottle of e-liquid from V2 Electric Cigs which can be equal to that of 50 packs of standard cigarettes!

Folks are able to acquire the most inexpensive starter kit from V2 E-Cigarettes at only $24.95. More information can clearly be discovered at V2 Cigs coupon codes or V2Cigs coupon. The core kit that is the least expensive from Blu Cigs is worth $69.95 these days. Be certain to look into Blu Cigs discount coupon code to successfully find more details.


Tobacco users that are new to e-cigarettes will see Blu E Cigarettes exciting. It is because they look and taste just like real cigarettes and nothing new is required to be learned for them to love this. Even the Blu Pack is doing a good job of mimicking the flip-top that you generally slip into your pocket. The Blu Electronic Cigs flavours from Johnson Creek are top-notch, however all that goodness is delivered by an inferior ecig battery.

However, V2 Ecigs offers the top quality and the best price ratio that anyone can get. Many people view V2 E-Cigs as a superior service provider because of its high quality merchandise, better vapors and low costs.

Finding Out If V2 Electric Cigarettes Is Actually Much Better Than Blu Electric Cigs

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Blu Electronic Cigarettes Versus V2 E-Cigarettes For individuals who are testing e cigarettes for the first time, mini ecigs would be the way to go. The functions that are offered in these mini electronic products cause them to look and feel just like real cigarettes. The popular e-cigarette brands at this time are V2 Cigs in addition to Blu Ecigarettes. Let’s look at them side by side so that you can compare their features and judge the best choice for you.


Shoppers will find that Blu Electronic Cigarettes only supplies automatic batteries whereas V2 Electric Cigarettes provides both manual and automatic. Automatic electronic cigarettes enables people use them straight away. A small button is needed for manual batteries to be pushed in order to initialize it. Though it may be not a fluid motion, having to press a button will mean that people can create larger vapors. These types of batteries from Blu Electronic Cigarettes right this moment are the Premium, Premium 100 and Original. For each and every of the Original and Premium battery power packs, folks may make up to 100 puffs. Even though Premium 100 batteries go longer between charges, they even now pale in comparison with V2 E Cigarettes batteries.

The light tobacco users could finish an electric battery from Blu Electric Cigs in approximately four hours, while heavy smokers may drain this in two. There are a few Blu Electronic Cigs users who have reported their battery running dry following a short time and waiting for another hour for it to replenish.

There are three sizes for V2 Electronic Cigarettes battery packs which will be the short, standard as well as long. V2 E Cigs batteries are known to take roughly 5 hours before running dry for weighty smoking while irregular smoking can last up to a weeks time. A selection of their users have finished 2-3 cartridges before their battery leaped out. Battery packs from V2 will require around 1-2 hours just before they are completely charged up.

The tubes of Blu Ecigarettes have e-liquid filled up and created by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. Choose between seven delicious flavours such as Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Classic Tobacco. Aside from that, there are also several nicotine strengths for individuals to choose between. The nicotine sum from a pack of cigarettes are available in the Original and Premium cartridges whilst the Premium 100 is equals that of 1 and a half kit.

The cartomizer in V2 E Cigarettes can last close to 150-200 puffs which is similar to 20-30 cigarettes. V2 E-Cigarettes markets its own e-liquid to help you save a lot of money by filling up your V2 cartridges.

Simply because V2 Electric Cigarettes takes your safety seriously, the company tests every batch of e-liquid and puts out the results on the web. People who would like to know what is inside their formula could also download their list within their site.

Disposables and also Basic Products

Both Blu Ecigarettes and V2 E-Cigs offer throw away e cigarettes. The non reusable e-cigarette from Blu Electric Cigs is good for 400 puffs though that of V2 E Cigarettes may last up to 450.

In case you are serious about switching to e-cigs, get yourself a starter kit which includes all the basics of vaping plus some great components. V2 Ecigs gives six types of starter products – Express, Economy, Standard, Standard Plus, Traveler, and Ultimate – every one bundled as outlined by a specific smoking style and budget.

Blu Ecigs, conversely, only provides one sort of starter kit for their electric battery models. All Blu Ecigs kits are delivered with a Blu Pack – Blu Electric Cigarettes’ revolutionary mobile battery charger. Exactly the same size and shape of a flip-top box, the Blu Pack functions both as an on-the-go charger and a storage space for your extra electric batteries and tubes.

A 30 day money back guarantee is included for all of the newbie kits furnished by these brands. A lifetime warranty is included in all aspects of V2 Electronic Cigarettes while Blu E Cigarettes items are covered for one year.


The fee in maintaining a pack of V2 E-Cigarettes could retain as low as $1.49 while Blu Ecigarettes is going to be at $1.92. The gap may not be that big but for people who are looking to refill their tubes, they can reduce expenses with V2 Electronic Cigs. For only $29.95 you have access to a 50ml bottle of V2 E-liquid which is comparable to 50 packs of regular cigarettes – reducing your pack-a-day cost to a whopping 60 cents!

At $24.95, individuals can get inexpensive starter kits if they pick V2 Electric Cigs. More information can probably be noticed at V2 coupon codes or V2Cigs coupon. The most cost effective that Blu Cigs offers for their basic starter kit is at $69.95. Pay a visit to Blu coupon code if even more related information is needed upon Blu e-cigarettes.

Final Result

Smokers that are new to e-cigarettes will discover Blu Electronic Cigarettes fascinating. The reason being they look and taste just like real smoking cigarettes and nothing new is needed to be learned for them to love this. Perhaps the pack that they offer does a good job in resembling the way a flip top box performs which could easily be placed within a pocket. The Blu Ecigs flavours from Johnson Creek are top-notch, but unfortunately all that goodness is provided by an inferior ecig electric battery.

V2 E-Cigarettes offers the best quality-to-price ratio so you get more value for your buck. With lots of battery options, nice tasting flavors, consistently thick vapor, and reduced prices, V2 Electronic Cigarettes is your most suitable choice in e cigarettes.

Smokers Switch Because Of Ecig Benefits

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Prohibitionists might be focusing on the drawbacks of electronic cigarettes that are often ungrounded. Advocates and smokers looking for better alternatives are however, appreciative of ecig benefits that they are able to experience.

Could Help Wean Off Nicotine

Richard Bell is like other former smokers (now vapers) who were initially doubtful about ecig benefits. He was skeptical about electronic cigarettes helping him to quit smoking in a much easier way.  Yet, after 1.5 years ago, he is now the owner and manager of ‘Mr. Smoke Chicago‘, a shop located in Lincoln Park.

He said that he was just 17 years old when he started smoking and he pursued the habit for 10 years before crossing path with electronic cigarettes.  He smokes ecigs now, but does not put nicotine in his vape juice as he often demonstrates to his customers how vaping is done.

Many opponents of ecigs say that vaping only leads the user to remain addicted to nicotine. They say that it is just another way to become addicted to the substance, rather than completely get a smoker off his/her addiction.

Yet, Bell is just one of the many ex-smokers who can attest that ecigs help in weaning off the substance. Bell is now enjoying the rich flavors in his vape.  Smokers have the option to adjust the level of nicotine in his/her ejuice.

Moreover, even if these devices deliver nicotine, it has been found by numerous studies that nicotine is not what makes smoking detrimental, but the other components of tobacco that are emitted through combustion.

Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

How an ecig device functions is what makes them considered by many as better and safer.  They do not contain tobacco and do not burn tobacco. Instead, a liquid solution containing propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin, flavoring and optional nicotine is warmed and turned into vapors that the user could puff.

Some health experts doubt that ecig benefits. Yet, studies such as one conducted in Drexel University by Dr. Igor Burstyn; conclude that vapors produced by the devices are not harmful to the user and even to the bystanders.

Can Be Used In More Places Than Real Cigarettes

Also another advantage of vaping that smokers truly appreciate is that they are able to regain their social freedom through electronic cigarettes.

These devices produce vapor and not smoke, so most smoking policies enforced do not apply to vaping.

Some people who find tobacco smoke disgusting would be easy to think that a vapers is a smoker because of the similarity in appearance between smoke and vapor. However, electronic vapors are odorless and dissipate quickly.

Still, so as not to make the enforcement of smoking policy difficult, some policy makers, localities and businesses decide to ban vaping along with smoking. Yet, there are still numerous places, bars and restaurants that permit vaping until there are complaints about them.

Ecigs Rising To Fame

Chicago is just one of the different places where electronic cigarettes are warmly appreciated. In Merrillville is found the Karma Tobacco & Cigar Lounge owned by Dhiren Shah.  Ecigs were just sold in the shop for 1.5 years.

In the beginning, ecig sale was rather low, but soon picked up and no accounts for 5-7% of his store’s total sales. He said that they did not like to get into selling ecigs until they have already become popular products.  In his store, cigarette sales are declining 7-10% every year in the last 2 years.

More Economical

Another advantage that smokers realize that ecigs can offer them is better savings.  A disposable in Shah’s store is $8.99 each; starter kits that are rechargeable and reusable cost $34.99. This is still less than the price of one carton of cigarettes, which is $37.99. Also, ecig kits at v2 cigs are under $40 and with a v2 cig coupon you save 10% on top of that.

There are times when an ecig’s initial cost might be more than the price of one pack of cigarettes. Eventually, a smoker would find out that he would only need to spend up to $10 on e-liquid refills that can last for one week. A similar $10 cigarette pack might last only for one day.

Getting A Green Smoke Discount

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Regarding buying an e-cigarette, nothing is to worry about since there are plenty of ways with how you’ll be able to do it. You will be able to find manufacturers that are popular in this area by searching the online world. Because online research is easier, more people typically do this approach. You need to enter in the keyword you are looking for to any search engines like Google.

Once you type in your keyword, which is generally e cigarette, you’ll be delivered to top results. Green Smoke will be most of the time at the first page. The reality is that Green Smoke was the 1st brand to offer this type of service. So there’s no wonder why they are at the first page. Money is guaranteed if you’ll prefer to buy an e-cigarette from Green Smoke. Basically, people around the world knew about their product. Make sure to grab the free Green Smoke coupon they offer if you are curious to purchase one.

People will be getting a Green Smoke discount easily with this. It is very easy to get a discount because a discount code is available right at their home page. You’ll certainly get discounted prices with all flavours that being offered like Red Label Tobacco, Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, Absolute Tobacco. The fact that it is an electronic cigarette, that means you can use it anytime, anywhere you would like just don’t forget to ask permission for some people who are near you.

Smoking with an e-cigarette is legal so don’t be annoyed with some individuals. Let’s admit the truth that smoking using real tobaccos brings harm to health and the environment which is totally not good. Why don’t you step-up to a brand-new way of smoking and start getting a Green Smoke discount so you’ll be able to avail your very own electric cigarette? If you are not a big fan of Green Smoke you would probably like They to offer a discount with the V2 cigs coupon code.

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